Anodized Matt Aluminum A5600
  • Thickness: 0.28~1.0mm 
  • Standard width: 1250mm 
  • Width available: 0~1350mm 
  • Vertical pallet (eye to sky)  or  Horizontal pallet (eye to wall)
  • Diffuse reflection
  • Regular color: silver,gold
  • The surface is covered with PE protective film.
  • We can provide multi-color under customer's requirements.
  • We can provide standard size coil, and can also cut/slit into customized sizes.

  • Introduction
  • Application

A5600 Anodized Matt Aluminum Sheet is one kind of aluminum sheet through a special process makes the aluminum surface to achieve smooth and shiny effect. The anodized surface is hard and intense, with good heat resistance, excellent insulation and corrosion resistance. 

1..Surface treatment :anodized.

2.Advanced Features:Top-grade quality, refined and luxurious outlook, greatly reduce the surface treatment process, improve conformity rate, thus effectively reduce cost. 
3.Lower proportion, only 1/3 of stainless steel. 
4.Environmental, toxic- free, fire prevention. 
5.Anti-interference, electromagnetic wave shielding, and excellent heat dissipation performance. 
6.Easy to clean, anti-statically, resist finger print. 
7.Able to be molded,bent part is broken-free.

Application:Lighting, Reflector, Indoor and outdoor Decoration, Nameplate, Automotive, Consumer Electronic, Home Appliance,Furniture Surface, etc.

Typical products: 

A5600  A5600.23

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