• Company Profile

Company Profile

Shanghai Juneng Aluminum Co., Ltd. specializes in coil aluminum products of special surface. As the leading supplier in china, Juneng covers R&D, manufacture, distribution and service. Aiming to be top of industry, Juneng take customers’ satisfaction as highest priority. Juneng sets up a full product range to satisfy various needs of customers.

Juneng products have various surfaced effects and colors. There are four major categories: anodized, coating, compound, and special effect. These can also be categorized by surface effect: mirror, brushed, matt, diffuse matt, etc. Juneng is innovative and creative together with partners, seeking for new business opportunity in the market.

Using Juneng product can make your product's value increase rapidly; create more profit and businesses opportunities. We are always looking for all the possibilities to offer the unique solutions for our clients and provide the best service available in the industry.

Juneng Core Values

Innovation -- We dare to dream. We are not afraid of challenging old paradigms and making a few mistakes in order to transform the world into a better place.

Execution -- We don't just dream; we are driven to make dreams come true. Talking is cheap; results are golden.

Teamwork -- A strong team enables us not only to create wonders, but also to weather storms. Ego centric personalities have no room at Juneng.

Communication -- We encourage people to explore, to clarify, and to debate across all levels. Communication is the foundation of efficiency and effectiveness.

Meritocracy -- We recognize and reward people who deliver results. We love to help all "Juneng People" grow professionally, financially, and personally.

Respect --We value our people, their ideas, and their contribution, not their job titles. We may disagree on issues, but we don't turn debates on issues into personal attacks.