Construction Application
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The construction industry is one of the three major markets of aluminum. About 20% of the world's total aluminum production is used in the  construction industry.The construction industry in some industrial developed countries has accounted for more than 30% of its total aluminum production.

The characteristics of aluminum determine its application in architecture: 1.Stability of materials: the design structure of aluminum conforms to all principles of architectural mechanics;2.Compared with other materials,it has higher corrosion resistance and will not be deformed by dampness;3.Durability: through special surface treatment,the actual life of products such as aluminum curtain wall manufactured is synchronized with the building;4.Wind pressure resistance: aluminum has good hardness and high tensile strength,which is more suitable for high-rise buildings;5.Decorative: aluminum has metallic luster,and through oxidation coloring or electrostatic spraying and fluorocarbon spraying and other processes can produce hundreds of colors of products, give us a beautiful visual effect;6.Economy: low density,light weight,the profile of the same length and section is only 1/3 of steel;7.Environmental protection: Aluminum can be recycled after use,avoiding the waste of resources and environmental pollution.

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